What is Computer Internet || Uses Of Computer Internet

What is Computer Internet || Uses Of Computer Internet


  • Internet which you call integral This internet is around you, without the internet, you can not even imagine many things.
  • The Internet has become an integral part of our lives.
  • At present you have the power of the internet today so that you can do anything, you can get any information in a while.
  • Today the Internet is being used everywhere, in the last few years, people have joined it in such a way that in the future.
  • You can not imagine any technology without the internet, today there is no untouched internet from any area.
  • Today, due to the Internet in India, the benefits of e-governance are being given to the villages and panchayats.
  • Many such benefits are taking people from the internet.

Importance of Internet in Student Life

  • Internet rolls in modern education is important, you can get any information in minutes with Google’s help on the internet.
  • You can learn the computer, if you are preparing for the complexity, then it helps a lot of students studying.
  • You can learn to create anything by watching videos on YouTube, sitting at home.
  • Before you go roaming, you can see all the information about the Google Map, as well as get information about the places you can visit and the surrounding areas.
  • You can shop, Net Banking, or do business through e-commerce at home.
  • Women can learn the recipe, homemaker tips sitting at home. If you are getting bored you can download songs, movies, games.

Internet loss

  • It is also being misused in the internet world, some people become social networking sites on the internet, and they also wake up night and night, doing so.
  • It reads the opposite effect on health. Using the Internet unprotected, your computer may have a virus and can damage your precious computer.
  • On online banking, social networking sites, you have personal information such as name, address, photo, and mobile number, with little carelessness hackers, can steal this information and cause you financial and mental harm.


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