What is BIOS in Computer || What is Booting In Computer System

What is BIOS in Computer-

When you start the computer, the first thing you encounter is BIOS, but many users do not know about it, BIOS keeps a very important place in the computer, come to know BIOS (BIOS) about –

What is BIOS?

  • When you start the computer and the first screen you see is the BIOS.
  • The full form of BIOS is the Basic Input Output System, it is a software associated with your motherboard.
  • When the PC is turned on automatically, the BIOS detects the configuration of RAM, processor, keyboard, mouse, hard drive, and the computer when the computer is on.

Where is the BIOS Stored?

  • The settings of the BIOS are stored in the chip in the motherboard (CMOS) which is called the Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor.
  • When you change these settings, the cell lock in the motherboard keeps these settings safe, these settings will include your computer’s time and date.
  • If ever the BIOS settings are in disarray, then after removing the battery, the settings become default settings.

What is the function of the BIOS?

BIOS primarily works to boot the operating system of your computer, when the computer turns on, the BIOS checks the CMOS setup that you have made and decides which device System can be booted

How to create a BIOS setup –

Each computer has a separate keyboard shortcut to open BIOS, of which F2, F12, Delete or Esc are main, only when your computer starts to open BIOS (BIOS) See carefully the first screen, you will see something like this –

What is Booting Process in Computer –

You will often hear the word “Booting” or “Bootable” when you install Windows installs, but do you know what happens if you do not know if this is booting, let’s know what is Booting Process in Computer –

What is a computer booting

  • When you start the computer, the CPU and the BIOS scan the computer together, in which the computer detects which devices are connected to the motherboard and are working properly.
  • There is a discussion of RAM, display, hard disk, etc. This process is called Post.
  • When the computer completes the process of the post, then the BIOS detects the boating device.
  • It searches the booting file in every boot device, first the first Boot Device.
  • Then the Second Boot Device Device and if there is no booting file in it then Boot Other Device, BIOS, which gets the first booting file.
  • It allows the computer to boot from it and the computer starts loading the operating system.
  • Make Pendrive Bootable for Windows 7 and 8
  • People who install Windows from a CD or DVD select the CDROM as the first boot device, but not everyone can boot a BIOS computer from a CD, bootable CD, or DVD for it. DVD, it is necessary to be bootable, which means it should have a Booting File so that the BIOS can read it.
  • If there is no Bootable Media on your computer, you will see an error on Insert Boot Media Disk, error may also be visible when you are not booting the computer with a hard disk.

Type of Booting –

There are two types of booting on the computer:

  1. Cold Booting
  2. Warm Booting.

What is Cold Booting –

When you start the computer by pressing the power button or the Start button of the CPU’s computer, it is called Cold Booting.

Warm Booting

In the event of a computer hanging, pressing Alt + Ctrl + Del by key-board, or using the restart button to reboot the computer is also called Warm Booting or reboot.

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