What is a Database in Computer

What is Database

There are different ways to store data in a computer, such as – store data as a document, store it as a worksheet, or store it as a program file. When we store the data in Row and Column, it is called Table. When one or more than one Tables store as one file, then it is called Database. So we define the database briefly in this way.

Data collection in a row and column formats is known as a database

A database file contains one or more tables, each table contains one or more records. A combination of each record row and column

Thus: – If a student has to create a database, his name, yoga, communication are his columns. They are also called fields or attributes When a student names an advertiser, in this case, communication, a record ends Similarly, when it holds the records of more than one student, it is called a table Similarly, tables such as teachers, libraries, etc. can also be created in the database

Some major database management systems have the following names:

  • Fox-Pro
  • MS-Access
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • MS-Sql Server

Relational database management system

  • The relational database management system is a database management system based on the relational model.
  • A database that stores in the data table and the relationship between the data is stored in the table.
  • This form of data can be accessed in all ways without changing the table form.
  • The software used in the relational database is known as the Relational Database Management System.
  • The relational database management system is also known as RDBMS.
  • The relational database is very powerful because it is easy to store and operate data in a database.
  • The most essential feature of the relational database is that it can store multiple tables in the same database and all the tables.
  • The relationship between the data can be established in the middle.
  • Therefore, the relational database management system is the advancement of the database management system.
  • Use in a database in a relational database is MS Access, MS SQL, server Oracle, etc.
  • RDBMS software is the main application.

Why Use Relational Databases

  • RDBMS is based on the relational data model in which the data is stored in the form of Row and Column and the database stores the relationship tables in the middle of more than one table.

The main reasons for using RDBMS are as follows

  • It provides data as a table.
  • It can also store data in the form of cry and column form.
  • The Row can be made available through the Unique Identity Primary key.
  • It creates an index to return data quickly.
  • You can establish a relationship between two or more tables.
  • Multi-user provides accessibility that can be controlled by individual users.

What is Key in the database?

  • Keys are used to create a field unique value of any record, the relational database management system uses Associated Addressing, i.e.
  • it values ​​the values ​​by identifying and locating the physical address for the user should be transparent, so in the relational system Keys that can identify the rows of tables in a relational database separately May include

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