Types Of Computer || Four Types Of Computer PDF Download

Types Of Computer || Four Types Of Computer PDF Download

Here we discuss full notes About Types of computer which help to your all competitive exam and another computer exam DCA, PGDCA, BCA, and any other exam. 

Computer classification based on work method

On the basis of methodology, the computer has been classified in three ways:

1- Analog Computer,

2-Digital Computer

3- Hybrid Computer

  These three have their own characteristics, let’s know. What is digital, analog and hybrid computers, Computer classification based on work method

What is an analog computer

  • In this category, computers come in which the physical units are used to measure pressure, temperature, length, speed, etc.
  • Let’s go a little further, talk about meteorology, the pressure of air, humidity, or rain in the atmosphere Or the lowest or the highest temperature of today was enough to collect data for all of these Analog computers were made rain gauge.
  • The quantity of rainfall is measured, the 2 lumino meters (hygrometer).
  • the humidity in the atmosphere is measured, the anemometer
  •  it measures the power and speed of the air, i.e. all these analog computers collect physical data Are

What is a digital computer

  • Digital Computer is the computer that you usually use in your homes, in offices, in which the data is fed in a digital way and the output is obtained, more and more digital computers are used and the markets.
  •  Typically available, digital computer data and programs are converted into 0 and 1 to take it into electronic form.

What is Hybrid Computer

  • In Hybrid Computer, both Analog Computer and Digital computers have the same properties.
  • These computers are considered more dependable than analog and digital, they are used to make data available from an analog computer in digital form, they are used most often in medical and meteorology.

Types of computers based on size

      Since the invention of the computer has changed in its size and functional capacity, the computer is divided into four categories on the basis of Super Computer, Mainframe Computer, Mini Computer, and Micro Computer, depending on size. Classification of computer-based on Size

    Types of Computer-Based on Size Computer

  1. Micro Computer

  • Microcomputers are computers that can be conveniently placed on desks, small computers have been developed in 1970 with the invention of the microprocessor.
  • It came as a small processor to make cheap and small computer in size.
  • These computers Also called a personal computer, in a microcomputer, desktop computers, laptop, palmtop, tablet pc and workstation Applications

2.Mini Computer

  • The Mini Computer is larger than the Micro Computer in terms of size and power.
  • The first mini-computer was prepared in 1965, its size was equivalent to a refrigerator, where on one side is the microcomputer ) In a CPU There are more than one C.P.U. in minicomputers.
  • There are more than one person can work together on Mini Computer, they often use small or medium-sized companies
  1. Mainframe Computer

  • Mainframe computers are very large in size.
  • Large companies use the mainframe computer as a central computer, can be interconnected with multiple computers in one network, in which both users use together Can work, the mainframe computer uses a node.js software platform

Super Computer

  • Super Computer All other categories are extremely large, with more storage capacity and the highest speed compared to the Micro Computer, Mini Computer, and Mainframe Computer.
  • Equal to a normal room, supercomputers are used in research work in large scientific and research laboratories.
  • In 1998, they became a supercomputer by C-Deck in India.
  • The defense was named “Ultimate -10000”, calculated Cshamta 1 trillion calculations per second today in the name Kshetra supercomputers in the world, India.


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