Different Types Of Computer Language || Computer Uses Language

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Programming language

  • The programming language is an artificial language that is used when programming programs for computer programming.
  • But only programming language is used not only for computers but also for some The machines are also used to program, so let’s know a bit more about the.
  • The program is a set of instructions given to the computer, as clearly as the program will be detailed and accurate.
  • The computer will work as smoothly, the lesser the mistakes will be made and the more correct answer will be given to the programming language.
  • The programming language is divided into three categories based on the level of human understanding.

Machine Language –

  • This language can only be understood by the computer, for humans, it is impossible to understand and write programs in it

Assembly language –

  • Assembly language is a computer programming language in which mnemonic code is used in place of digital signals and requires an assembler to convert it to machine language, Different for the different microprocessors.

High-Level Programming Language –

This is very easy to understand by human beings, in which ordinary English words are used, and later, using the compiler, the machine language is changed.


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