Computer Architecture Notes Download Here

Computer Architecture

Here we provide Details Notes About Computer Architecture which help to your computer Course so read the post carefully.

Computer Architecture Notes Download Here

1- Input unit

Input unit computers are those parts of the computer, through which a data can be entered into the computer, using input keyboard, mouse, etc. for input, as well as the computer can get the command through the software Or give instructions it is called i / o devices

2- Central processing unit

The central processing unit processes the input data, for this, the Central Processing Unit and the Semantic Metric Logic Unit together combine arithmetic calculation and logical calculation and process the data, the CPU is called the brain of the computer.

3- Memory

That part of the memory computer stores data and process data entered by the user, it is the primary and second type of type, for example, RAM and hard disk

4- Output unit

The information processed on the basis of the given command given to you is given to you by the computer, which is received by the output device or the output unit. The best example of the out device is your computer monitor, it is called i / o devices.

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