Basic Component Of Computer || Function Of Computer

Basic Component Of Computer || Function Of Computer

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Computer functions

  • Both software and hardware are needed to make computers work properly.
  • If called in a straightforward language, then both of these are complementary to each other.
  • Without the hardware-software is useless and without software, the hardware is useless The hardware command is given from the computer software, information about how hardware is to be executed is already inserted inside the software.
  • Many types of hardware are connected to the computer’s CPU, making the computer compatible with all of them, system software, that is, operating system.

Computer operating system

The process of computer operation is done in a phased manner –

                Input —– Processing —– Output

  • Use input keyboard, mouse, etc. for input, as well as give commands or instructions to the computer through the software or enter data.
  • This is the second part of this process, the given form or data provided by you is processed according to the information and instructions available in the software by the processor.
  • Third and final part output In this process, the information processed on the basis of the given number is given to you by the computer, which is received by the output device.

Parts of CPU and their Functions –

Internal CPU

  • The CPU is the main part of the computer.
  • In the same way, CPUs are also made in many parts, or they are also made by connecting much hardware.
  • The efficiency of CWP depends on the quality and efficiency of these hardware parts, then come to the parts of the CPU.

hard disk:-

  • This is the part in which all the computer programs and data are safe.
  • Hard disk memory is permanent, so even after closing the computer it does not end secure programs and data.
  • Today 10 years ago Hard disk storage capacity was limited to Gigabyte / GB 0 megabytes or MB but nowadays hard disk storage capacity is measured in terabytes or TB.
  • Nowadays 500 GB and 1 TB or 1000 GB capacity PCs become popular is. The higher the capacity of the hard disk, the more data can be stored.

MotherBoard: –

  • The motherboard is a flat platform made of fiberglass, which keeps all the hardware of the computer such as board, mouse, LCD, printer, etc. together.
  • The motherboard is also connected to the processor, hard disk, RAM, and also for setting up a pen drive, the U.S.B. Pint is given on the motherboard board.
  • Also, we get the joy of graphics and sound from the motherboard itself.

Central Progressive Unit (Processor): –

  • This is the most important part of the computer.
  • It consists of a microprocessor chip that works all the way to thinking for the computer and manages the program according to the user’s commands and instructions.
  • In a way, it is the brain of the computer. For this reason, it is also very hot, and to keep it cool, it is also fitted with a big fan which is called the CPCU Fan.
  • Nowadays the processor pin comes equipped, but from today 5 years ago the pins processors used to come.
  • These are the most popular Pentium 4 processors. In today’s time, Intel company’s Dual-core and I3 or I7 processors are quite popular.
  • These processors increase the efficiency of the computer.

DVD Writer: –

  • This is the part that reads the accumulated data in the VD0-Writer Disc and also writes the VDD till the VVD writer did not come in till DVD was run and before that CDD Writer.
  • CDROM was in place of Rome and before that floppy disk Drive, in which only 3; 4 MB data could be stored.
  • Nowadays, bluer disks have also been invented, which can store up to 40GB of data. For this, it will be necessary to put a blurry writer on the computer.


  • RAM’s full form is Random Axis memory, RAM provides a working space for the computer, it is a type of temporary memory, there is no data store in it.
  • When we run any application on the computer, it uses RAM while walking.
  • Due to low RAM on the computer sometimes there is a problem of hang and if some applications do not get enough RAM then they do not run on the computer.
  • There are many types of RAM, such as DDR, DDR1, DDR2, and DDR3, nowadays are the DDR3 RAM.
  • RAMs can be identified by looking at the cut between RAM.

Power Supplier: –

  • Power supply to all parts of the computer as per their ability.
  • There is a fan in it to keep it cool.
  • In this, different types of wire are kept for providing proper supply to the motherboard, hard disk, DVD writer.
  • Its main switch is given at the back of the CPU where power is given to the computer through the power cable.


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